AntoLin Cellars moving tasting room to Yakima's historic district

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Yakima's historic district will soon welcome another winery.

AntoLin Cellars is moving its tasting room to N. Front Street. It will open in August down the street from Northtown Coffee.

Owners are putting together plans for an outdoor patio.

AntoLin's tasting room on N. 2nd Street has closed. Lookout Point Winery, which shared the space with AntoLin, is still open for business there.

You can schedule tastings with AntoLin Cellars by appointment until the new location opens.

EDITOR'S NOTE: We told you AntoLin Cellars is relocating within Downtown Yakima. It's moving to Front Street. Antolin's operation on 2nd Street has closed.

But, Lookout Point Winery, which it shared that space with, has not. We want to be clear that business is still operating from its spot on 2nd Street.