911 call that led to dramatic water rescue near Wapato

WAPATO, Wash. -- Action News has gotten a copy of the 911 call made by a good samaritan that led to a dramatic water rescue last month.

it happened after a man drove his car into the river near the Donald Wapato bridge. Art Gonzalez said he saw the car in the water as he drove by. He stayed on the scene the whole time, and was able to communicate with the man stuck in his car, telling him to stay put until crews arrived.

"Sheriff's office go ahead,"
"Yeah there's, there's a car in the river on the Donald Wapato Bridge, over here by exit 44, and there's somebody missing, somebody was on the bank walking and there's, he said there was two people in there and he's only one of them. i don't see nobody else."
"Alright hold on one second for me."

The other man that was in the car managed to make his way to shore on his own. Yakima County's Swift Water Rescue team pulled Hernandez from his car in under an hour.