47 dogs found living in their own feces, seized from home

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Almost 50 dogs seized from a home here in Yakima. KIMA was the only news team with cameras rolling as Yakima Police, Sheriff's deputies and Animal Control officers raided the building. It's the third time the city removed dozens of dogs from this property.

Necessary force. It's what animal control used to wrangle dozens of dogs from this property on 19th Avenue.

"They were deplorable, the conditions that the dogs were living in," says Codes Enforcement Manager, Joe Caruso.

Dog after dog.Scared and shoved into cages. A total of 47.

"Living in feces," says Caruso. "We don't know if they've been fed, have water."

Caruso says this isn't the first attempt. This bust makes the third time Animal Control, the Sheriffs Office and YPD came to this property.

"I get frustrated because I mean what makes you think you can do it again and again," says neighbor Elida Ayale. "Somebody eventually has to do something about it."

We asked, "How are you going to make sure that this doesn't happen again?"

"Well, being complaint driven, What we'll do is monitor the area," says Caruso. "But, we just don't have the resources to zone in on one property. To be a babysitting service."

Caruso says the city doesn't plan to fine or arrest the owners. The fine would likely be $500-700 per dog. Many believe it will fall on deaf ears.

"That's a very harsh condition," says Ayale. "It makes me sad."

Most of the dogs were found cramped in the back of vans and trailers. Now, they are all at the Humane Society waiting to be evaluated. Caruso says their fate is yet to be determined.

"Some of the dogs whose tempers are different, they might be euthanized if they can't be put into an adoptive home," says Caruso.

Still, Caruso says these dogs are better off at a shelter than where they were.

Caruso says the owners will be allowed to get two of the dogs back after getting the proper licenses. The legal limit in Yakima is 3 dogs in a home.

The Humane society says about two dozen dogs will be given to other organizations. All dogs should be evaluated by Saturday. They hope most will be available for adoption.