11-year-old cancer survior surprised by his younger cousin

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Last year, 11-year-old Logan Bodrero was diagnosed with cancer. His younger cousin Trey wanted to do something for him.

"He was sick and he deserves to have a bike because he went through all the chemo therapy," said Trey Gourneau.

Trey decided to participate in Toyota of Yakima's P.A.C.E. Program. If he had perfect attendance at school Toyota would give him a bike. The 9-year-old wanted to give it to his sick cousin.

"I was astonished, it was awesome that he wanted to do that, I was just so surprised and so proud of him," said Kimberley Gourneau, Trey's mother.

Trey's chance at getting a bike was jeopardized when he got sick and had to miss a day of school. Toyota says when they heard his story they had to make an exception.

"For this kid to do something so selfless and kind for someone he loved, he didn't have to do it, he wanted to do it everyday for an entire school year, that's amazing! So of course we rewarded him," said Robbie Bustos, Toyota of Yakima Community Outreach Coordinator.

Trey was happy he would still be able to give a bike to Logan. He kept it a secret from his cousin the entire school year.

Logan beat his cancer and went with Trey to the award ceremony. Logan was shocked to find out what his cousin did for him.

"He's the most awesome cousin ever," said Logan.

Toyota thought what Trey did was pretty awesome too. So they surprised him with a new bike.

"I was so excited that I got it and I didn't know I was getting it," said Trey.

Now the two cousins are able to enjoy their summer on new bikes.

Almost 500 bikes were presented to elementary students for their perfect attendance. Seventeen schools were part of the program. This is the second year of the Toyota of Yakima's P.A.C.E. program.