Another candidate to run for Yakima County Clerk

STEVE DRISCOLL NEWS RELEASE -- My name is Steve Driscoll, and I am proud to announce that today I am officially declaring my candidacy for the Yakima County Clerk position in this year's election.

For over 18 years working at the Yakima County Juvenile Justice building as a County employee, I have been involved in making our community a better place. I view the Clerk's office as an opportunity to serve the people, and to continue to have a positive impact on Yakima County.

As the current representative in courtroom proceedings for the Yakima County Superior Court Juvenile Division Probation Department, I have the proven ability to maintain and coordinate working relationships, creating an atmosphere of bipartisan cooperation among all the stakeholders within the Superior Court of Yakima County.

The County Clerk's office is in desperate need of a leader that exemplifies proficiencies in conducting management analysis, problem solving skills, coordination of programs with other departments to expedite work and improve interdepartmental performance, and oversight of services ensuring strict compliance with policies and laws in a tactful and diplomatic manner.

It takes a dedicated, ethical, experienced, and knowledgeable person who is highly motivated that can oversee an office with vastly interconnected personnel with the insight and ability to work directly with judicial officers, Court employees, attorneys, administrators, and the general public. Those qualities describe me, Steve Driscoll.

There are four objectives I plan to implement if elected:

Improve coordination of services with Superior Court Personnel and Judicial Staff to ensure quality assurance and overall efficiency
Aggressively pursue untapped resources for the purposes of collecting Court-ordered monetary fines/fees/restitution currently owed to victims of crime and to Yakima County
Ensure the proper training, evaluation, and personal development of department employees and programs
Provide a more reliable and greater service to the general public concerning Clerk-related duties

My background and current duties include:

Working directly with Judges, Court Commissioners, Clerks, Attorneys, Court Administrators and Management Team, and the general public providing recommendations, information, reports, support and guidance
Drafting, Interpreting, maintaining, disseminating, and filing of Court orders
Assisting with Courtroom docketing, scheduling, and case calendar procedures
Directing Courtroom case flow and movement
Maintaining compliance with ever-changing applicable statutes and laws
Providing support and assistance to the general public regarding Court procedures and services
Monitoring and collection of fines/fees/restitution/court-costs
Supervising specialized client caseload with budgetary allowances/restrictions

Because of the varying duties and complexity of obligations my 18 years of service at the Juvenile Justice Building requires, my experience and knowledge directly correlates with the associated requirements and duties to be a successful Clerk. I possess the drive, the motivation, the knowledge, moral and ethical principles, but most importantly, the experience to be elected and successfully serve as the next Yakima County Clerk.

Steve Driscoll "The Right Experience - The Right Choice!"

Information about Steve Driscoll and his campaign:

Steve Driscoll is 40 years old and an 18+ year County Employee
Earned a bachelor's degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology Central Washington University in 1995
Steve Driscoll will run as a Republican
Steve has been involved in over 10,000 court cases within Superior Court Juvenile Division
Steve was recently married in August of last year to wife Lisa, a school counselor with the Wapato School District. They share their home with their 3 year-old English Bulldog Winston Churchill-Driscoll