In Tacoma, a hunt to celebrate National Pickle Day

TACOMA, Wash. -- Don't forget about National Pickle Day.

That's the aim of some Tacomans who made a big deal out of dill with a big pickle hunt in honor of the zesty day on Wednesday.

It started with a Facebook clue from Tacoma's mayor: "Spell Tacoma backwards, and you will have your answer."

In all, 8 jars of Lynnae's Pickles were hidden in different businesses with prizes attached.

"We have people emailing us and messaging us, waiting for our clues," said Lynnae Schneller, who says her pickle recipe has remained a family secret for five generations.

"My business partner is my sister in law, and we did not give her the recipe for seven years," Schneller said. "She would eat a lot of the pickles, but (I) wouldn't give her the recipe until they were actually married."

Tacoma is a pickle town the smell of brine filled the air for decades in the Nalley Valley until the pickle maker got into a financial pickle and closed the plant. The closure, in turn, opened up room for smaller pickle makers.

"We even have some people think we're trying to become Nalley's, but we're not," said Schneller.

For some, the pickle hunt had a sweet outcome, with prizes including a pack valued at $120 -- another reason to relish National Pickle Day.

The participants finished up the hunt at Doyle's Public Place where they are known for following shots of whiskey with Doyle's dill juice chasers.