Goats evacuated from small island in Murrells Inlet ahead of Hurricane Irma

Goats removed ahead of Hurricane Irma (WPDE)

It wasn't easy, but a team was able to move the goats of Goat Island in Murrells Inlet to a safe location ahead of any possible impacts from Hurricane Irma.

The goats, which are also moved off the small island each winter and returned each spring, were wrangled and transported to a safe location.

The owners of Drunken Jack's, a nearby restaurant, put the goats there years ago.

The tradition of having goats on the island started more than 20 years ago, when a co-owner of Drunken Jack's restaurant found marijuana plants growing out on the island. He knew people wouldn't grow pot where there was a risk of it being eaten.

"So we put the goats there and they solved that problem for us," said Drunken Jack's owner Al Hitchcock in 2015.

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