What's in the box?

YAKIMA, Wash. -- It's a tradition that tied Roberta Story's family together.

"On the line of a cheeseball," said Roberta.

And, sometimes teared them apart.

"It has a soft thud that it could be a jewelry box," said daughter-in-law Kimm Ward.

That thud was coming from this. A gift accidentally hidden behind Roberta's Christmas tree 25 years ago.

"It's the size of a hamster, but obviously no air hole," said son Jim Ward.

To this day, no one knew where the present came from or who it belonged to. It remained unopened and the guesses never stopped.

"It's too heavy to be a dead hamster," said Roberta.

It's an issue that wouldn't die. A family divided about whether to finally unwrap it.

"This does keep us coming back every year," said Jim. "Every Christmas without fail, will this be the year we open the present?"

"I like the magic of it not knowing," said daughter Robin Kramer.

"I like the mystery of it and I don't think she likes the anticipation," said granddaughter Kelly Kramer.
"I like the tradition, but I just want to open it," said granddaughter Hannah Ward.

"Do you get curious to know what it is?" KIMA asked.
"Well, I think I've been through that stage," said Roberta.

Roberta, being the matriarch of the family, got to call all the shots.
So far, not giving into temptation to the mystery that's been around since 1987.

"I think it's because everyone else wants to open it so I have to toughen up and say no, no," said Roberta.

With Christmas around the corner, the one question they still asked each other. Is this the year?