YPD tickets more reckless drivers in school zones

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Speeding in school zones is a major concern. KIMA looked at the areas around Yakima where police give out the most tickets to school zone violators and what can be done to protect your child.

Rebecca Valencia feels uneasy when her son has to walk to school alone.

"Every time he walks to school in the morning by himself there is that fear," said Rebecca Valencia.

She knows it takes just one speeding car to cause a tragedy. Rebecca and her three children live a block away from Roosevelt Elementary. The school zones outside Roosevelt top the list for elementary schools in Yakima that have the most tickets written.

"People kind of come screaming around that corner," said Rebecca.

"I'm scared especially when some days the crossings guards are not there," said Gavin Valencia.

Franklin has the most tickets given for school zones outside a middle school and Eisenhower tops the list for high schools.

YPD says more tickets tend to be written in school zones where the school is located on a main road. Summitview is a notorious stretch for lots of cars and plenty of speeders. When the school bell rings, children flood the streets on Summitview.

"When the walk signal comes up people still continuing to turn right not noticing there are groups of kids waiting to cross the street," said Rebecca.

KIMA pulled the numbers and found nearly 500 tickets were written for speeding in a school zone so far this year. That's up from 345 last year. YPD ticketed nearly 150 more reckless drivers. Police run emphasis patrols to keep drivers in line.

"It's hard to say what they solution is," said Rebecca. "I mean, I've seen the YPD patrol around and that's really helpful. I think that just kind of gives people, reminds people what they need to do.

Following a two-week break, school zones will be back at their 20 mile per hour limit when you see the lights flashing.

The ticket for speeding in a school zone is roughly $200.