YPD standoff with possible gunman ends peacefully

YAKIMA, Wash. -- There was a peaceful ending to a standoff here in Yakima on Monday evening.

Police told KIMA that they were called to a house near the corner of 8th Avenue and Logan after residents reported a gunman was in their house.

When police arrived at the house they were able to get all of the occupants out of the house out safely.

There was at least one gunman and neighbors told us there may have been two.

Police searched the house and determined they had their man already in cuffs in the back of a cruiser.

"I grew up in this block so I've seen a lot of gang members, but nothing of this sort happen in this block, said Julio Estrella, a neighbor.

There were no shots fired or injuries.
Police do not know the motive at this time.
At least one of the occupants at the house knew the gunman vaguely.