YPD seeing fewer street racers on the roads

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Anytime you're driving a vehicle, your safety is not only at risk, but the safety of other drivers are too.

And for those of you that feel the need for speed, you're putting others at risk. Joseph Hodges said street racers hit his friend in a head on collision.

"Made me upset because it made him pass away and it could happen to somebody else," said Joseph.

Parents also know the dangers of street racing. Some have seen it for themselves.

"50, 60 miles per hour," said Lynella Hodges. "Sometimes they blow through the stop sign at the end of my street. I've seen them do that several of times."

"Guys lining up at the signals and then drag racing, that's not always racing," said Yakima Police Sergeant Jay Seely. "Any time you're comparing speeds with another vehicle, so if you're driving on the road and then they take off and start comparing speeds, they can be charged with racing."

YPD said the problem is getting better. Police haven't written many tickets for vehicle racing this year. But when numbers spike, it's usually during the summertime.

"We've had some crashes related to racing so I think we're on the decline and I hope we continue that trend," said Seely.

Police said vehicle racing generally happens more in the county where there's less traffic. Drivers can also race longer distances on county roads.

"What do you hear?" KIMA asked.
"It's over on Nob Hill," said Joseph. "They're just racing. You hear them screech off. You hear them burn their tires out."

Last year, YPD reported more than twenty street racing incidents. That was a jump from the year before.