YPD: At least two people involved in death of elderly Yakima woman

YAKIMA, Wash. -- KIMA is taking another look at the murder of an elderly woman in Yakima last year. It's been almost nine months since Jerene Matta was killed. She was hit in the head before someone set her house on fire.

Police now say at least two people are connected. The problem is they haven't been able to track them down. They are hoping for real answers to come from DNA.

Lester Schrader is one of her relatives.

"She was a nice lady and stuck to her, stayed to herself," said Schrader. "Never annoyed anybody that I know of."

"We are keeping up on the case," said Nolan Wentz. "It's not something that is going to be something that is going to be pushed aside at all."

Lieutenant Nolan Wentz with YPD says detectives have stayed on the case. They now say at least two people were involved in her murder. Investigators hope DNA evidence help identify them. That could take months.

There's also the matter of these photos. Surveillance pictures were taken from an ATM near Third Street and Yakima Avenue. Police say someone accessed Matta's bank account several hours after Matta was found dead in her home. Officers want to talk to this person. Despite expert enhancement, the photos aren't clear enough.

"Whoever it was did some extraordinary measures to conceal who they were," said Wentz. "Glasses, hat, coat. Everything pulled up around gloves."

Wentz says one potential suspect was already ruled out by lab tests. And, detectives haven't been able to get their hands on key evidence.

Matta set up video cameras outside her house.

"The cameras were still there," said Wentz. "Unfortunately everything that camera was wired to was gone inside the house which is the part we need."

Wentz thinks whoever set Matta's house on fire stole the video. Lester says Jerene worried something like this could happen.

"She would be looking over her shoulder constantly so she was paranoid," said Schrader.

One problem that we've noted before is that DNA testing takes a long time. The tests don't get priority unless someone is in custody for the crime.