'You know it's sad when they have to steal from seniors'

ARLINGTON, Wash. - Thousands of dollars worth of electronic gear was stolen over the weekend when a thief broke into a senior center in Arlington.

Now the people who regularly gather there are asking for help from the KOMO 4 Problem Solvers.

They love this place - they play card games, video games, they dance, they sing - and they just can't understand why anyone would want to ruin that.

Police say the Stilliguamish Senior Center was dealt a bad hand Sunday night when somone broke in through a back door.

"It's been broken, probably with a crowbar or something," says the center's executive director, Jo Olson. "This was just a mess."

Olson says the nonprofit center has been operating a few cards short of a deck ever since. Roughly $4,000 worth of electroncs was stolen.

"They broke in here through this door - you can see here," says Olson. "They ransacked through the desk over there."

The front office computers were stolen along with a digital camera and electronic keyboard, a large flat screen TV, a Wii unit and an Xbox.

The frustration is palpable after the thefts.

"Why would they target this place?" says one man who spends hours each week at the senior center. "You know it's sad when they have to steal from the seniors."

As far as replacing the stolen items and even getting a security system, they feel the cards are stacked against them.

"Yes, it's all replaceable - but where's the money going to come from, you know?" says one man.

Even though the chips are down right now, members refuse to be trumped

Anyone with information on this is asked to contact police.


If you would like to help the senior center replace what was taken, visit the Problem Solvers donation page >>