'You don't sleep as well that's for sure,' 1 year after triple homicide

YAKIMA, Wash -- It's been almost a year since the triple murder in the Falcon Ridge neighborhood of West Valley. The random act that left three innocent people dead in their home spread fear throughout the community. KIMA went back to the neighborhood to see how it changed.

One year later it seems unreal.

"When are they going to get back that goes through my mind," said Ray Vanderwall, neighbor to the Goggins.

However, the events that happened on February 18, 2011 are very real. Bill, Pauline and Betty Goggin, who was about to turn 99, were all brutally murdered in their home. The quiet neighborhood of Falcon Ridge is an unlikely place for a murder scene, the Goggins an unlikely target. They were normal people, law abiding citizens and described as helpful neighbors.

"What happened was not normal beyond what anyone would expect," said Ellen Vanderwall, neighbor to the Goggins.

Which is why news of the murder hit these neighbors so hard.

"Well, you don't sleep as well that's for sure," said "Judith", another neighbor.

Judith, like others living in Falcon Ridge has changed her daily routine. Neighbors now have locked doors, guns, security systems and lots of dogs. They've also tightened up security at the gate and now have stickers on resident's cars.

They have definitely become more cautious since the murders, but they've also become more caring toward each other. To help them heal, the neighborhood women work on a garden that Pauline help start.

The plaque doesn't have Bill or Betty's name on it, only Pauline's. But memories of all three surface every time they're here.Falcon Ridge will never forget their neighbors and friends, the Goggins.

Kevin Harper is the prime suspect in the Goggin murders. His trial is expected to start in July.