'You come to a site like this and you don't even want to walk any further'

SELAH, Wash. -- What's supposed to be a scenic drive up a hill is filled with garbage dump. Some of you contacted KIMA about this mess on private property in Selah.

Kissimmee Aurand has lived in Selah for a long time. Hiking is one of her favorite things. But, it's not as fun when she comes through this stretch of Sage Trail Road.

"You come to a site like this and you don't even want to walk any further," said Kissimmee. "You just want to put your car, your kids back in the car and run away."

Different homes along Sage Trail with trash left outside. KIMA did some digging to find out who's responsible to make sure this area stays clean. While it's close to Selah, it's outside city limits and in Yakima County. KIMA contacted the county's code enforcement division to show them what's going on here.

"There are people who will unhaul their trash or unwanted items and rather than take it to a landfill, they will come to what they believe to be an uninhabited, unregulated area," said Yakima County Building Official, David Saunders.

David Saunders said this property wasn't bad enough for them to force a cleanup. But, this other property could violate code standards. He said all of the debris could fall down the hill.

Neighbor Bill Walton is tired of the mess.

"It's absolutely ridiculous that people will come out and dump their trash on their road, on the side of the road and expect someone else to pick up after them," said Bill Walton.

After KIMA took action, Yakima County now said it will investigate this mess and notify the people responsible to clean up if ruled a code violation. Kissimmee looks forward to the day when her hike through the hills comes with a better view.

Yakima County codes said the time given to owners to clean up varies depending on the size of the mess.