Yakima's pothole problem may finally have a solution

YAKIMA, Wash. - Harsh winter weather combined with flooding created pot holes or damage to dozens of Yakima streets.

66th Avenue between Englewood and Scenic Drive is even closed-off due to potholes.

Neighbors who live in that area have been concerned with how dangerous the street has been.

"It was really bad, we took our car down there once and you have to zig zag through that area in order to get to where you are safe with your car it was bad yeah it was really rough," said local resident Joanne Meade.

Potholes form when freezing and damp weather alternate and rain or snow seeps into small cracks in the asphalt.

The water has no escape once it has gone inside the pavement which causes potholes to become deeper and wider.

To help with the problem city leaders approved 260,000 dollars to fix 66th Avenue.

"It Includes putting storm water infrastructure below the road and also in ditch to the side of the road to help improve that drainage so hopefully we don't end up in this situation again," said Yakima's Spokesperson Randy Beehler.

Construction will continue on 66th avenue between Englewood and Scenic Drive for a couple more weeks so it's a good idea to avoid this area if you can.

City workers will also be working to fix the damage in other parts of town as well but they need your help.

Residents can help by reporting damaged streets or potholes by calling the city’s Street Repair Hotline at 509-576-6713, by e-mailing Streets Division supervisor Dan Bigby at; or using the city Yak Back website.

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