Yakima woman helps families of missing Cleveland women

YAKIMA, Wash. -- We're thousands of miles away from Cleveland. But, two families of the three missing women found this week got help from a woman here in Yakima. Kelly Murphy helped them deal with the stress.

It seemed like time was standing still. With little to no clues or leads for the families who were missing their loved ones.

For Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus's families, they never gave up hope despite every year that crept by.

"Sometimes I do see families after a number of years, they stop trying to get the media involved and so these families always continued to work to keep their names and not let them be forgotten," said Kelly Murphy.

Kelly Murphy's son went missing almost 12 years ago. His disappearance inspired her to help others. She's now worked with thousands of people. Project Jason counsels families who are missing a loved one and raises awareness to keep their name out there.

Amanda Berry's name had fallen out of the headlines by 2004. That was when Amanda's mom contacted Project Jason for support. A website and thousands of buttons were made in hopes to find Amanda. Louwanna Berry never stopped fighting to find her, but passed away a couple years later.

"So many of us feel that her heart was really broken and that's what killed her," said Kelly. "I feel that if Amanda had been found sooner or had never disappeared that Louwanna will probably still be with us today."

Kelly said Amanda and Gina's families supported each other for years. Both families felt there would be a light at the end of the tunnel.

"The story of Amanda and Gina being found is that beacon of hope for all these families out here like ours that are still waiting and wondering and just hanging on to that hope that we'll have the good answer," said Kelly.

With hope, the fight to be found is a little brighter.

Project Jason had almost 100-thousand hits on its website the day the women were found.