Solar eclipse glasses no longer available at Yakima Valley Libraries

Yakima Valley Libraries giving out solar eclipse glasses

YAKIMA, Wash. - Local libraries are giving away special glasses for the upcoming solar eclipse.

[Update- August 17, 2017]

Yakima Valley Libraries (YVL) is no longer distributing free eclipse glasses due to high demand.

YVL leaders said all 1,200 pairs of glasses received through grant programs, and from the Washington State Library have been handed out.

Those interested in watching the eclipse but did not get a chance to obtain glasses are encouraged to check out NASA's eclipse viewing page.

----End of Update----

YVL is gearing up for the solar event that will take place August 21, 2017. Leaders said they are excited to offer free glasses to give viewers the opportunity to enjoy the eclipse safely.

A YVL press release said the Washington State Library and various organizations are providing the glasses for libraries across the valley.

Glasses are being distributed on a first come first serve basis at 17 YVL locations as of August 1. Those interested are encouraged to call the location first to ensure glasses are still available.

A list of locations distributing free eclipse glasses can be found on the YVL website.

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