Yakima Valley Kennel Club hosts 3 day AKC dog competition

YAKIMA, Wash. -- The Yakima Valley Kennel Club held a three-day AKC agility competition. Dogs of all breeds were invited to come showcase their skills at Fullbright Park. Over 250 canines competed each day some coming as far as Oregon, Idaho, and Montana.

One dog owner says she's already been to eight shows this summer alone, but that she enjoys this one most.

"Oh it's a great. This is a wonderful facility. The people are just awesome-this is my favorite trial to come to. I just-I love it here," said Sherri Rewoldt, who has a dog competing.

There were two courses and the hurdles can range anywhere from four to 26 inch jumps. Dogs are divided into categories based on size and qualifications. The next AKC event hosted by the Yakima Valley Kennel Club will be held the first week in June.