Yakima Valley Filipino community rallies to help typhoon victims

WAPATO, Wash. -- Every Thursday, the Filipino-American Community of the Yakima Valley serves hot take-out lunches. On every plate, in each container...a feast.

The proceeds normally help the local community. But, with thousands dead in the Philippines and more than a half million displaced, the Community is sending its money abroad. A collection jar now sits on the counter.

Rey Pascua says it has to be done. "Just the desperation that people felt not having the food, the water and shelter that is absolutely necessary."

Proceeds from the Community's December 5th take-out lunch will go to help typhoon victims. The organization is also selling tickets to a fundraising dinner on November 22nd. Money that will go to the American Red Cross.

"The Philippines needs water, food, bedding supplies and prayers," said Pascua.

To meet those needs, It plans to work with local fire stations to collect canned food and linens. Tarps are something else this community wants to provide for friends and family abroad.

Monette Shelton's parents are in the province of Cebu. They told her they're alright. "My Mom is okay," said Shelton. "We just have leak in the roof, but we're okay. It was horrendous. One of the worst experiences they ever had because they thought the roof would rip off their house and that was the scariest part."

Some of Monette's cousins fared worse. "Right now we heard that they are okay, but they don't have houses no more."

A plight shared by thousands in the Philippines, moving Yakima Valley Filipinos into action.