Yakima School District asking for feedback to prepare students for life outside school

Yakima School District asking for feedback to prepare students for life outside school

YAKIMA, Wash. - The Yakima School District (YSD) launched a new online forum where parents, students, staff and any community member can provide feedback. They are asking how to prepare students best for life after school.

YSD posted the forum about a week ago and it has over 600 participants, more than 500 thoughts and more than 10,000 ratings.

District Superintendent Jack Irion said this is the first time they are using the online forum and he thinks it's much more effective than holding public meetings. He said people can participate whenever they want and when thinking about the future of our children, he wants everyone's input.

"When you think about our kindies who are in school today and then look 12 years down the road they're now graduating from high school, what are the skills and abilities that you'd expect them to have when they leave high school," Irion said.

The district is collecting this information to develop their next five-year plan.

Irion said he hasn't heard much verbal feedback but he said one community member told him she found the forum addicting.

"When she got into the part of the process where you're rating the thoughts of others, that you just can't let go, there are just so many thoughts," he said. "You just get through the first one, then there's another one and we have some many thoughts that have been expressed by folks you just can't, you want to get through all of the thoughts."

Some of the most talked about topics on the forum include teaching students to persevere, work together and think critically.

You can access the online forum, ThoughtExchange, by going to the YSD's homepage. You can write a thought of your own or rate other thoughts based on if you agree with them. Your identity is confidential, but everyone can see all the thoughts and ratings shared. If you don't have access to the internet, the forum is mobile friendly.

If you want to have your thoughts heard or see what others are saying, you only have until December 22 to contribute.

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