Yakima Rotary Trust awards $230K+ in scholarships

      YAKIMA SCHOOL DISTRICT NEWS RELEASE -- This Thursday marks the 5th year of the Mary Monroe Davis Scholarship Program administered by the Yakima Rotary Trust. This gift was made possible by the generosity of Mary Monroe Davis who left an educational legacy to our community through a bequest to fund scholarships. This year, the club will be handing out $234,000 in scholarships tomorrow, Thursday, June 5, at noon at their weekly meeting at the Convention Center.

      Scholarship amounts are $7,500 a year for students enrolled in a four-year program and $3,000 a year for students enrolled in a two-year program. Scholarships are renewable upon ability to maintain a 2.75 gpa and full-time enrollment. The process of choosing recipients is a collaborative effort between Yakima County Rotarians from all three Yakima Rotary clubs, Toppenish Rotary, both Sunnyside Rotary clubs, and Grandview Rotary. On behalf of each of the clubs and their members, Yakima Rotary Trust is pleased to announce the selection of the following 36 students for the 2014-15 Mary Monroe Davis Scholarship awards:

      Katelyn Alderman
      Jessica Alvarez
      Saul Arambul
      Joes Avila
      Yanet Bravo
      Yesenia Contreras
      Thomas Cross
      Katelyn Deaton
      Steven Dickerson
      Benjamin Eilts
      Sandra Espinoza
      Yuliana Flores
      Abdon Godinez
      Braden Goveia
      Myriam Grubin
      Laura Gutierrez
      Makenna Hoffard
      Bailey Huylar
      Brook John
      Lindsey Keesling
      Tianna LaTour
      Sandra Larios
      Jenessa McElrath
      Noemi Ocampo
      Cruz Orozco-Alvarez
      Ermila Preciado
      Trevor Ramos
      Priscila Rodriguez
      Heidi Sadler
      Ariana Santiago
      Emma Scherschligt
      Daniel Shelton
      Tami Sparks
      Quintin Stebbins
      Gladys Suarez
      Abigail Watkins