Yakima residents react to summer heat

YAKIMA, Wash. -- It's time for the sunscreen. And, to snag a place in the shade.

"I like the heat far better than the cold, but it definitely came out of nowhere," said Brooke Schreckengost.

"It's kind of hot like I'm getting sweaty a lot and that's why I'm going to the pool to cool down," said Ivan Mesa.

Ivan Mesa wasn't the only one with that idea. Franklin Pool was packed.

"It's definitely warm so we've been at the pool a lot more often," said Brooke. "Even come in the evening swims."

"I love the hot weather," said Dusty St John. "I live for summer. I just can't wait to get outside and get into the heat, lounge on the pool, that's what I do to keep cool."

While being in the water can keep you cool, it doesn't solve everything. You still have to do something about taking a direct hit from the sun's rays.

"Sun lotion, sun tan, like a hat so you don't get heat stroke," said Ivan.

"Lots of sunscreen, we bring lots of sippies, cold waters to drink and stay nice and hydrated," said Brooke.

Doing whatever it takes to make it through the hottest time of the year.