Yakima police say goodbye to first patrol K-9 dog

YAKIMA, Wash. - There's been a loss for the Yakima Police Department. The department's first patrol K-9 died earlier this week. Lektor served on the force for eight years.

YPD Sergeant Mike Henne was Lektor's handler before adopting him. Henne says the K-9 helped find hundreds of suspects and evidence.

He says it's been hard coping.

"To go downhill is really, really difficult," said Sergeant Mike Henne. "But still I look back at it as that was the highlight of my career so far was the time I spent working with my dog."

Lektor started working with YPD when he was about a year and a half. Donations paid to bring the K-9 officer to the force. Lektor was 16 years old.