Yakima police report fewer people driving impaired

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Police are cracking down on drivers under the influence and making sure they stay off the streets. Yakima police reports fewer people are getting DUIs.

Larry Kudlic said getting a DUI turned his whole life around. It happened ten years ago, but his life hasn't been the same since.

"I took a good look at myself and my life and decided that it wasn't worth all the hassle and all the pain and troubled it caused," said Larry.

Larry's DUI not only cost him money, but it cost him his job. He said there used to be times when he didn't even remember driving when he was drunk.

"Driving all the way and being blacked out, not even knowing what happened, what could've happened, the things that could've happened," said Larry. "I really thought hard about all that, and so I was like, no, it just isn't worth it."

Yakima police report more than 440 DUIs last year. That's nearly a hundred fewer than the year before. That includes drivers impaired by either drugs or alcohol.

"Couple years ago, you can just be driving down the street and see somebody pulling up onto the curb serving," said Theodore Moller.

YPD believes the number has dropped because people are being more careful after harsher penalties have been put into place.

Last year, Yakima implemented a policy where your car can be seized if you're caught driving without an interlock device after being ordered to have one.

"Looking back and spending the rest of your life thinking about somebody that you hit or killed and have to live with that the rest of your life is just not worth it," said Larry. "It's just isn't worth it."

Last summer, Governor Inslee passed a law that drunk drivers will go to jail on their second DUI. Upon release, they'll have five business days to get an ignition interlock installed in their car.