Yakima police investigate 2nd murder of the day

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Two murders in one day. 27-year-old Joshua Mathis from Prosser was declared dead outside of his room at the Red Apple Motel Friday night.

The echo of gunshots was enough to startle neighbors.

"I heard a gunshot. I wasn't really sure, but I didn't want to come outside my room," said motel visitor Melissa Rodgers.

"I did hear some bad arguing and then I heard a thing like a shot," said Merle Ferguson.

Merle Ferguson and Leonard Duran have lived here for few years. They saw the ambulance and the landlord run frantically down the alley.

"We looked over the balcony and that's where we saw the gentleman, laying right here and he was just down. I kind of looked to see if his chest was going up and down and it was nothing," Duran told KIMA.

Yakima police report Mathis suffered from multiple bullet wounds to the chest and head. Officials said he died from massive head injuries.

Police have yet to find any leads on suspects and it seems no one saw the shooter flee.

"With two murders in one day, do you think Yakima is becoming more dangerous?" asked KIMA.

"You're always going to have crime when you have an area like this," replied Duran.

"The violence is just getting worse. It's just happening a lot more," said Rodgers.

This area has a reputation. Police said they have been called to this motel in the past for suspicious activity.

At this time, investigators have no motive, but motel residents have their own ideas.

"I don't know why he was killed, maybe some kind of drugs," said Kulwinder Senghe, the motel manager.

"That's the way they do around here. If you owe money from drugs, you're a dead man," Ferguson told KIMA.

Officials said the room was rented out in Mathis' name.

They are trying to located his girlfriend but have not been successful.

It's still early in the investigation. Police ask anyone to come forward who has further information.