Yakima police enforcing rules for big rigs within city limits

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Yakima police officers are keeping a closer eye on big rigs within city limits. The city is spending $15 million on resurfacing roads this year. And, it wants to protect the investment and your tax dollars.

Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officer Ira Cavin is making sure big rigs follow the rules for driving on Yakima streets.

Cavin has portable scales he uses to weigh the trucks. There's two weigh stations that could also be used in Yakima. Cavin also makes sure rigs are meeting safety standards.

"Our job is to go out there and make sure those people are following the rules like everyone else is doing," said Cavin.

"I'm all for the enforcement," said truck driver David Harris. "I drive legally myself and I expect everyone else to."

The Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Program was created with a goal to protect the streets that Yakima invested millions of dollars in. A part of the program is making sure big rigs are within weight limits. Overweight trucks could cause rapid wear and tear on streets.

"The city manager's initiative was to make sure we are taking all the steps we can to ensure that those improvements are doing to last as long as possible," said Cavin.

Cavin says he checks three to five commercial trucks a day. Each inspection can range anywhere from ten minutes to an hour.

"To make the roads safer, you have to have the rules, you have to have the enforcement too," said Harris.

The city is considering expanding the program this fall.