Yakima Police Department is hiring new officers

Yakima Police Department is hiring new officers

YAKIMA, Wash. - Yakima Police is currently looking to fill more than a dozen positions within the department.

Captain Gary Jones said the department is trying to keep a high officer to people ratio.

Right now, Jones said the officer to people ratio is around one officer per thousand people but the department would like that number to increase to two.

Jones said hiring and training is a long process, but it’s a very important job.

"The entry level has to go through the screening and background process and then they eventually have to go to the state academy which is 770 hours," he said. "Then they return back to our department and then they train for another 16 weeks."

Some requirements to become a police officer include; being at least 21 years old, a U.S. citizen, having a high school diploma or GED, being in good physical shape and not having committed many crimes in the past.

Jones said not everyone makes it through the hiring process and the department must maintain these requirements for the public's safety.

"Even though we may be having more difficulty currently finding applicants or those candidates that are appropriate, we do not want to eliminate standards to create numbers," he said. "That would be very dangerous for our community if we had people that weren't fully capable to do the job."

If you are considering becoming a police officer, you can stop by the police station to talk to an officer and even go on a ride along.

For more information on the process you can visit

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