Yakima police cleaning up abandoned cars around the city

YAKIMA, Wash. -- It's an eyesore you've probably seen around Yakima. Abandoned cars left on the roads for days or even weeks. Yakima police are cleaning up the problem.

"The windows are pretty fogged up with the dust and dirt and maybe a little bird droppings and so it's been sitting here for awhile," said Yakima's Parking Enforcement Officer Gary Goodwill.

Goodwill has a keen eye for abandoned cars. He drives around the city looking for them.

"I look for something that indicates that it's been sitting there for a long, long time," said Goodwill.

Flat tires, weeds, expired license tabs and illegally parked cars are things Goodwill looks for. If you get an impound notice, you have 48 hours to take care of the problem. Otherwise, your car could get towed. That could cost a couple hundred dollars.

"Every time when you go to the neighborhood, people that leave their cars like flat tires or broken down, it looks bad," said neighbor Jesus Maciel.

"People who visit our city don't like it because it looks trashy and so we just try to keep ahead of it," said Goodwill.

The number of abandoned cars in Yakima has dropped over the last couple of years. A main reason why it dropped this year is because Goodwill was gone for three months. And keeping track of the cars fell behind a bit.

Goodwill says abandoned cars are mostly seen between 6th and 16th Avenues. And, from Lincoln Avenue to Fruitvale Boulevard.

"All I have to do is drive by and look to see it's either been moved or the license has been updated or the tires are up," said Goodwill.

If you need to report an abandoned car, call the Yakima Police Department.