Yakima Parks and Recreation holds public meetings to get feedback from the community

YAKIMA, Wash.- Leaders from Yakima Parks and Recreation want to let you know about three community meetings where they'll be discussing the results of their recent comprehensive master plan survey.

The survey was mailed out last year to 4,600 randomly selected homes in Yakima.

Nearly 91% of the respondents rated Yakima Parks and Recreation programs as good or excellent and voted Franklin Park a city favorite.

Still, leaders want to continue to improve and pay attention to the public's feedback.

"They want us to do more of what we're doing. More playgrounds. More picnic shelters… those kinds of things, so we can provide more stuff for people to do outside," said Ken Wilkinson, Parks and Recreation Manager.

The first public meeting is Wednesday at the Henry Beauchamp Community Center at 5:00 p.m.

The final two meetings will be on February 21st at the Harman Center and Thursday, February 23rd in the Council Chambers at Yakima City Hall.

Those meetings will also begin at 5:00 p.m.

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