Yakima neighbors want overhanging trees cleaned up

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Tree branches that stick out into the street in Yakima have some people worried about safety for drivers.

You asked us to look into it. KIMA is taking action to get answers from the city.

Take a drive down Powerhouse Road near 24th Avenue and you might see some overhanging trees.

Terence Bonnett lives nearby.

"I wouldn't hang an inner tube there for my kid to play on it if that was in my backyard, would you?" he asked.

Small cars don't have an issue. But, the branches can scrape big trucks and buses.

"The school buses and the sides where the kids are hanging their arms out the window can get stuck," said Terence.

KIMA called Yakima's Streets and Traffic Department to get someone to look at the trees, then again after crews had a chance to see them.

"It is a problem, though?" KIMA asked.

"Yeah, there's some of those branches look like we need to kind of clean it up," said Yakima Streets and Traffic Manager Joe Rosenlund.

Yakima's Streets and Traffic Department said trees need at least 14 feet of clearance for cars and trucks. Crews said some of the lower branches don't meet that requirement.

At least eight feet of clearance is required for sidewalks and street corners. The city usually doesn't trim branches unless there's an imminent danger.

Terence thinks there is.

"Loud crack-pop noise," said Terence. "I could hear it inside my house, especially in the cold weather and when it gets windy."

If trees don't meet the clearance requirements, it's the property owner's responsibility to take care of it. But, you need to let the city know there's a problem first.

Yakima's Streets and Traffic Department said it will send someone to trim the branches next week.