Yakima neighbor watches teenage shooting victim 'cling for life'

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Two teenagers were shot in broad daylight Tuesday morning. Now, neighbors are trying to come to terms with what happened in their own back yard."

Ashley Mercer lives a few houses away from the shooting near 3rd Street and Maple. She heard the shots from her kitchen.

"We came out front and I saw what I think was probably the seventeen-year-old on the ground, trying to just probably cling for dear life," Ashley said.

The two teenagers where shot before lunchtime. The 15-year-old shot in the head is not expected to make it. The 17-year-old boy was flown to Harborview in Seattle with serious injuries.

KIMA spoke with authorities who do not want to release the boys names yet because of their age. Police say they have not identified a suspect or motive.They say it appears the boys were shot from behind.

Police say they might have a person of interest but that person has not been properly identified yet.

Rico Ramirez lives on 3rd street and is 17 years old. He says being the same age as one of the victims hits home.

"Everyday is getting crazy and crazier. You know, can't do nothing about it," Rico said.

Rico said his family was home when the shots rang out. Now, his mother asked him to take extra precautions when walking the neighborhood.

"I got to watch my back every time I'm walking down the street. Just got to look over my shoulder," Rico said.

Rico says he didn't know either one of the victims.

Ashley has lived in Yakima for only a few years. She says she's heard shots before, however she wants this time to be her last and would like to move.

"It's a little too close for comfort. I have a two year old and a nine month old and my thoughts are it's just not safe over here," Ashley said.

A little too close for many neighbors -- rocked by such a tragic shooting.