Yakima marathoner on Boston tragedy: 'It's hard to fathom'

BOSTON -- The tragedy at the Boston Marathon had families in the Yakima Valley concerned. Action News learned at least eight marathoners live in our area.

KIMA spoke with Staci Verbrugge and Kristelle Harrington Monday afternoon. Both women finished the race before the explosions.

Harrington was still in the cool down area and heard the blasts. She didn't know how serious it was until she saw the emergency crews.

"That's when we realized, you know, this is real. You know, people were probably injured. So, it was a little scary then. I cried," Harrington said. "I was more concerned about my husband and my sister on the sidelines because ... you could see the smoke and it was off to the side of the building."

"It's kind of surreal and especially since the other explosion at the library, which is about three blocks away from us and, you know, we've been told the National Guard is here and stay in your hotels. It's hard to fathom," Verbrugge said. "It's pretty scary and as I was watching the coverage I was crying because I think it was just so close."

Both runners said they are fine as well as their family members, and they were thinking about the people at the marathon who weren't as lucky.

The Sunnyside School District confirms two of their employees were at the race.

They tell us high school principal Ryan Maxwell and teacher Doris Matson are okay.