Yakima man wins $1 million jackpot at Legends Casino

Yakima man wins $1 million jackpot at Legends Casino

TOPPENISH, Wash.- What would you do with $1 million dollars? It’s a common ice breaker for most, but a question one local man is now seriously having to ask himself.

Dale, a Yakima resident recently retired after 26 years at a local shipping company and is now a millionaire after winning the Gold Series Buffalo Bucks Progressive Top Jackpot of $1,090,678.23.

Dale didn't want to appear on camera, but did share his exciting story.

"Anytime somebody hits a jackpot you have a wide range of emotions. I mean some people are jumping up and down, some people are crying, and some people are laughing," said Deirdre Fojuwaye, Assistant Marketing Director at Legends Casino in Toppenish.

But Dale was humble in is winnings. Dale initially didn't even realize he won, due to the machine locking up for verification and hiding the five gold shields representing his win.

"Dale was a cool customer. You know, he took it in stride and he was not quite sure what happened when it hit so he called somebody over and said, ‘Something's wrong with my machine,’ and they looked and said, ‘Oh well, you've hit the top jackpot prize!’” said Fojuwaye.

Still Dale remained calm.

"But you could tell he was excited because the first thing he does, like everybody does, is they call somebody they know,” said Fojuwaye who’s seen many Jackpot winner reactions during her time working at Casinos.

For Dale, that was his girlfriend who didn't quite believe him at first.

Now, Dale tells the casino he wants to be smart with his money, not making any quick decisions.

"Dale decided that he would wait and not buy anything but he did want to make sure that he took care of his mother who is 87 and lives in Spokane and he bought her hearing aids,” said Fojuwaye.

Leaders at the casino say they're pleased to see a jackpot go back into our local community and expect to see their long-time loyal customer back soon, trying his luck yet again.

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