Yakima man shot three times near outdoor party

SELAH, Wash. -- Deputies say a Yakima man who threatened someone with a gun was shot Saturday night. It happened outside a party in Selah.

A party that got out of hand. It wasn't a quiet night for neighbors on the 900 block of Elton Road.

KIMA spoke with a neighbor who wanted to remain anonymous. He says it's not uncommon to hear about shootings in his neighborhood.

Most neighbors have dogs guarding their houses so no one trespasses. Some say it's a bad neighborhood and helps them feel safer.

"You might not know when it will happen and it's just scary," said "John."

Deputies say a 28-year-old Yakima man was allegedly picking fights with a family who was having an outdoor party. He threatened to shoot an arriving guest and went to his car to get a gun. YSO says when he returned with his gun and raised it, he was shot three times by the man he threatened.

Neighbors say they believe the argument was over drinking.

"People said they were arguing because they wanted him to drink more beer and they didn't want any," said "John."

Neighbors say kids were playing outside when the shooting happened. This neighbor's dad was trying to protect the kids from the scene.

"He put them in the house as fast as he can because he might've shot someone," said "John."

Deputies say the man who shot him had a valid concealed pistol license.

YSO says the man who was shot was taken to a local Yakima hospital. He underwent surgery and is in stable condition.