Yakima man on a walk shot in broad daylight

YAKIMA, Wash. -- A Yakima man was shot in broad daylight just around the block from his home.
It happened at the corner of Chicago Avenue and West A Street.

Police say up to three people in a car pulled up to the man and fired several shots.
The 30-year old was hit in the leg. He's expected to be OK.

Police say it could be a random attack.

The victim's father said he ran outside to find his son lying on the ground.

"I heard three or four shots. And I don't know where the shots came from. I went outside and that's all I saw,' Pedro Hernandez said.

Other relatives were also visibly upset.

"My dad was driving his truck to work and he saw him by the church and he was walking and he said hi to my dad and just like, what,15 minutes ago my mom calls me and she tells me you know, Miguel got shot," Anna Bautista said.

Investigators combed the scene for evidence. Officers say they have no suspects. Police say the car involved could be an older, gray Honda.

Workers inside of an office building across the street tell KIMA the shooting was a little too close for comfort. They heard the shots being fired and many of the bullets ended up just a few inches away from their door.

Neighbors tell KIMA they're glad to see the man will live and are happy the shooting didn't happen when students were walking home from school.

"It's nerve-wracking," Ricahrd Rettig said. "You don't want that kind of stuff going on in your neighborhood. Nobody does."

Police say it's too early to determine if the shooting is gang-related. Investigators are still piecing together clues that will hopefully lead to an arrest.

Family members say they're happy this drive-by shooting didn't turn deadly.

Yakima police say shootings are actually down by about a third so far this year in comparison to last.

The Yakima Sherrif's office says county-wide there have been no firearm assaults this year.