Yakima makes national list for housing market

YAKIMA, Wash. -- It's the kind of news Yakima home buyers were thrilled to hear. Prices dropped in Yakima. Home prices were down a little more than eight percent since the beginning of 2009. Dugan Underwood bought a house in Yakima a few years ago and thought the prices were pretty fair.

"With the economy the way it is, prices keep going down," said Dugan.

Dugan was glad to earn his own equity with the purchase.

"I think it's easier right now with the way the economy is to buy a house than to rent a house," said Dugan.

His observations were bolstered by realtors who watched the market closely.

"The sales figures are improving a little bit from figures in the past. We have a ways to go," said Dennis Rose. "It's a great time to buy with interest rates the way they are."

Realtor Dennis Rose said buyers also had more choices in their price range.

"There's a good selection of affordable homes here in Yakima," said Dennis.

Business Insider predicts Yakima's growth would rise by 7.8 percent in the next five-years. That's why it was named one of the 15 best in the nation for housing markets. The average price of a home in Yakima was 168,000 dollars. Dennis knew a move to the city was worth it.

"She's taking a pay cut for the quality of life we actually offer out here in Yakima," said Dennis.

And now Business Insider has taken notice of Yakima as well.