Yakima looks to purchase armored vehicle

YAKIMA, Wash. -- A new armored car for the YPD SWAT team could be on the way that is if Yakima decides to spend the money. It's actually a used armored car coming from Massachusetts. YPD says it would be a big upgrade to the one it has now that was built during the Vietnam War.

"Where this is going to help us is where we need to make a rescue. Let's say a citizen is shot and they're still in the line of fire. We can move in and rescue them even if we're in the line of fire. With our current one that's pretty iffy deal if we can even get it to run," said Yakima Police Capt. Jeff Schneider.

Yakima City Council will decide next week whether to spend $127,000 on the armored car. A new one would cost $230,000.