Yakima looking at new possibilities for Franklin pool

YAKIMA, Wash. -- New possibilities for Yakima's Franklin pool is striking up conversation. Yakima officials are looking at what improvements can be made.

It's one of Yakima's favorite places during the summer time. Families fill the Franklin pool every chance they get when the sun's out.

"What are some of the fun parts about coming here?" KIMA asked.
"That there's a slide you can use all you want and that there's a snack booth," said Citlalli Cruz.

Parents like Marise Deburger said it's important for kids to stay active. She brings her son out here every other day.

"They need more things in this town for kids to do," said Marise.

Yakima is looking to reboot the Franklin pool. A new tower with two water slides is on the table with a price tag of $250,000.

Another option is a new pool bath house or even an outdoor aquatic center. Complete with a lazy river, wave pools, or a spray ground.

Building a dome over the pool area is also an option. Allowing the pool to stay open during the winter months.

"I wish they would put a dome over it, then we don't have to worry about the rain and stuff then winter months, swim too," said Marise.

Maria Martinez said she likes coming here with her kids. And thinks changes would draw even more people to the pool.

"I think our Yakima area is changing slowly but we're changing and I think it would help," said Maria.

Adding to the quality of life with exciting possibilities. Yakima City Council committee and staff will meet Thursday to discuss these ideas.