Yakima is trying to lose weight

YAKIMA, Wash.-- After finding out we ranked as one of the fattest communities in the country, we wanted to know what options are out there to change that. Especially, if you don't have health coverage and can't afford a gym. A ranking that ranks the Yakima metropolitan area as the 11th fattest in the country is a reputation people would like to shed.

"It affects the way that they live, they can't do as much, working around the house is harder, and just keeping up with life is a lot more difficult," said Shawn Mitchell, a young man born into an obese family.

Shawn tries his own things to avoid being part of that statistic.

"Walking around the house, cleaning.. that helps a lot. Just getting up earlier and maybe even going for a walk or run," he said.

"Every street we have some kind of fast food on it. We have stuff that's quick, easy, and that's horrible for you," said Mitchell.

Less than 50% of high school students are getting an adequate amount of physical exercise. You don't have to have insurance or pay to join a gym to get in shape. The YMCA and Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital offer a free program to implement healthy lifestyles to kids and their parents. They expect to work with more overweight kids than usual when it starts.

"We already have 15 in one class and two on the wait list for that one. And, then we have another class with, I think we have 10 now. So definitely there's a need out there," said Tyler Johnson, the YMCA Health and Wellness Director.

The new program starts at the end of the month.