Yakima is seeing fewer arsons this year

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Two fires in less than 24 hours. A semi-truck caught fire late Monday night just a few blocks from the fairgrounds. Then just hours later, another fire at the office building of local RV park. City fire officials tell Action News they're still looking for an official cause in both cases.

"We do not know if they're connected just yet. But we will hopefully have some answers here shortly," said Yakima Deputy Fire Marshall Brandon Dorenbush.

Circle H RV Park is the site of what is believed to be one of two arson fires earlier this week in Yakima. But the property owner told KIMA after speaking to her insurance company's private investigator, he said that this fire was not intentionally set but the result of an accident.

"There was no sign of arson that we can detect.....I truly believe it was an accident. If somebody really wanted to take it out it would have been a much larger and quicker fire," said RV park owner Wendy Hollingsworth.

From January to the end of September, the city of Yakima averages about 50 intentionally set fires each year. This year that number has fallen to 38. Officials say that investigations can be labor intensive as they need time to gather all the facts.

"Well there's different facts in the cases that are intentionally set versus non-intentionally set fires. And so there are different leads and different avenues we need to travel or need to follow up onNot every time is an investigation automatically deemed electrical, arson, suspicious, natural cause or anything right away," said Dorenbush.

Although, the private investigator at the RV park has told the property owner that the fire was not due to arson. The city has not confirmed it.