UPDATE: Firefighters caution against outdoor burning after deck, back of house burns down

Yakima home damaged in back porch fire

YAKIMA, Wash. - A family home is damaged after flames started from the back porch and spread to the back side of the house.

[Update, July 25]

Firefighters and insurance investigators determined the fire was caused by a tenant's attempt to burn a wasp's nest.

Reports said the tenant was cleaning the back yard when he found and set fire to a large wasp nest.

The nest caught fire and rapidly spread across the deck in the back of the house.

Firefighters are asking residents to never attempt to burn anything attached or near homes including weeds, nests and woods.

The Yakima Fire Department said it is illegal to burn yard waste or debris within the city of Yakima.

Fire officials said it is also unsafe to burn yard waste especially during summer months due to low humidity and high temperatures in the area.

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Yakima firefighters said one of the residents was mowing the lawn when they noticed fire coming from the back porch of the house, located at N 36 Avenue and Barge around 1:38 p.m., Thursday.

Fire crews arrived to find smoke coming from the top of the house.

Reports said the hot weather conditions created an extra challenge for firefighters while they attacked flames engulfing the back side of the house.

Firefighters were able to completely extinguish the fire after it caused significant damage and rendered the home unlivable.

Red Cross is assisting the five adults and two children who lived there.

Fire detectives are investigating to determine the cause.

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