Yakima Gang Sergeant investigated nine times waits for his fate

YAKIMA, Wash. -- A decision looms on the future of a Yakima police sergeant. Sergeant Erik Hildebrand with the department's gang unit has been the subject of two internal investigations this year. The city has kept the details of those cases under wraps. However, KIMA dug deeper and found other investigations that go back more than decade.

KIMA obtained the details for several of the internal investigations surrounding Sergeant Erik Hildebrand.
There have been nine in twelve years. The allegations range from tasing inmates to having sex with a woman while in custody.

A complaint made in 2001claimed Hildebrand had sex in back of a patrol car with a woman he arrested.
And, that he fathered that woman's child. YPD documents say a paternity test cleared Hildebrand and found there was no evidence to support the claims.

Documents from 2005 indicated YPD found some validity to a claim of neglected duty against Hildebrand and other officers for inappropriately tasing an inmate. Each of the officers was sent for training.

Another issue with a woman surfaced in 2006. This internal investigation examined a claim that he was caught in the backseat of a patrol car with a woman in a parking lot by the Greenway. The report states a bike patrol employee spotted an unmarked police car with two shadows in the back seat "moving" and "shuffling around".

It indicates when the employee rode up Hildebrand rolled down the window and said quote: "Nothing is going on here, as you were." YPD documents show Hildebrand called the whole incident a prank when interviewed claiming he got in the back seat to scare the bike patrol. Investigators found insignificant evidence and closed the case.

These are in addition to one in 2011 that KIMA already reported. Investigators looked into claims he took an 18-year-old girl to a hotel, got her drunk and slept with her. That was never proven, but was reprimanded for losing contact with the department while on duty.

Three other investigations into Sergeant Erik Hildebrand's activity involved a car accident, a police pursuit and claims he left work to play soccer. All but one resulted in some form of disciplinary action.

Here are the complete internal investigations:

Investigation 1

Investigation 2

Investigation 3

Investigation 4

Investigation 5

Investigation 6

Investigation 7