Yakima firefighters receive national heroism award

YAKIMA, Wash. -- A special honor has been given to the Yakima fire department and firefighters from Engine 92 and Engine 293.

They recently received a 2012 Heroism and Community Service Award from the Fire House magazine.

Our firefighters were one of six stations in the nation to receive the award this year.

It was from a fire in October of 2012, in which they saved a 55-year old man from a mobile home on Nob Hill Blvd.

"We don't anticipate that, we don't seek it out, for most everybody I know in the department its not one of those things that's our goal to accept an award or anticipate getting an award for something like this, this is just something we do," said Sgt. Don Dexter.

The firefighters were honored for their quick thinking and bravery which saved the man who was trapped in his house.