Yakima Farmer's Market opening day has record number vendors

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Sunday was the first day for the Yakima Farmer's Market. Much like our temperatures, the farmer's market is back with a bang. There are more vendors at the market than ever before and that could ultimately lead to more food for you.

Thousands walked back and forth to get a taste of sweet spring. And no line was too long to shell out a little bit of cash.

It was something Barbara Dominick couldn't wait for all year.

"You get to meet all the new people and the vendors and make up a relationship with them for next year," said Dominick.

It's the most vendors the Yakima Farmer's Market has ever seen on their first day of the season. 46 vendors showed up. That's ten more than last year. And if that weren't enough, over 100 vendors are expected to set up shop by the end of the season.

"It brings a lot of people downtown and that's what they need is to bring people downtown and realize Yakima is starting to grow again," said Yakima Farmer's Market manager Don Eastridge.

The expansion doesn't stop there. Another block will be extended to the farmer's market in a couple of weeks.

With a record high number of vendors also came a record high of temperatures. Terryl Aichele, owner of Aichele's Farms said the frost from a few weeks ago killed 90% of her blossoms. And the high heat hasn't allowed her strawberries to bloom any faster.

"I feel bad I can't bring as many berries to market as I would like," said Aichele. "We have lots of loyal customers and we sell out and I don't get any berries."

It's an unexpected turn in temperature that will keep some customers waiting for fresh crops.

Yakima Farmer's Market will expand to Tuesdays starting July 23rd.