Yakima extends moratorium on marijuana

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Yakima City Council is not ready to go along with the state to sell pot legally within city limits.

Yakima leaders voted to extend the current moratorium on marijuana on Tuesday.

This latest moratorium takes effect in a month. It extends the ban on pot by another six months. During this time, Yakima's city staff will draft zoning regulations for recreational marijuana. That includes how to handle the five stores in Yakima eligible for licenses to sell it.

"It's smart government for us to be prepared as the state's moving in this direction and the feds have said we're on hold that we get ready ourselves and as a city to accept this law and this implementation so that's where we're at," said Yakima Mayor Micah Cawley.

There was a motion to maintain a permanent ban on marijuana. City Council voted that down four to three.