Yakima exploring idea of cutting utility tax

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Yakima will explore the idea of cutting your utility tax. Council member Rick Ensey plans to propose dropping the rate from six to four percent.

The cut would mean $800,000 less for Yakima's budget. Yakima raised the tax two years ago to hire more police officers.

Ensey says the city wouldn't cut police and fire services to make up the difference. But, it could cut other services and personnel.

He's banking on the prospect the lost revenue could be made up from sales taxes.

"We found two million dollars to spend a year on roads and we didn't have to increases taxes at all," said Yakima Councilmember Rick Ensey. "It's possible to do. We just have to want to do it."

Yakima's city manager says a decision on the cuts should be made in September. If passed, the decrease would take place in January.