Yakima doctor arrested, accused of rape of a patient

YAKIMA, Wash. -- A doctor in Yakima is accused of raping one of his patients.

Trust is typically earned, but for some it's given. A Yakima doctor is being accused of violating that trust with a patient. Friday night, Dr. Fady Sabry was booked into Yakima County Jail. Police records show he was charged with second degree rape, accused by one of his patients.

Many neighbors say they are appalled by this.

"Just goes to show, what you have living in your bac yard. I think that person in position of power, a physician is a learned trusted official and sexual offense is wrong on any front," George Gilmer told KIMA.

Sabry earned his M.D. from Zagazig University in Egypt. He made his way to Ohio for his residency, and then to Yakima. For more than 25 years, Sabry practiced internal medicine. He was once affiliated with Yakima Neighborhood Health and Yakima Regional Medical Center. He's even rated on Angie's List.

KIMA tried to speak with hospital personnel to hear their side of the story. Debra Yergen, spokesperson for the Central Washington Medical group states, "We do not comment on the criminal investigation of individuals. Our priority is to maintain quality service and focus on patient care." They would make no further comment at this time.

"It's sad that somebody in his position like he has would prey on somebody vulnerable," said Hollie Gilmer.

Neighbors are questioning the doctor's motives and how many more similar cases like this could exist.

"A doctor should not do that, you know. That's a predatory instinct. Isn't a doctor's whole, you know, thought on life is to help others?" asked George Gilmer.

Second degree rape means the victim's life was not in jeopardy. But the sex act was not consensual.

Sabry is expected to be in court next week but a date has not yet been set.

It's unsure if the patient was under anesthesia at the time of the incident.