Yakima DJ camping out in cold to raise food & money for needy

YAKIMA, Wash. -- He's sleeping in the cold and on top of a truck for the entire weekend, all to help Yakima families in need this Thanksgiving.

Radio DJ, Gunner Jackson, from 92.9 The Bull is camping out on top of a Mayflower truck all weekend.

It's in front of Wray's Food and Drug on Summitview. It's all to raise cash and food for the less fortunate.

Nearly $2,000 has been raised and the truck is filling up with food.

"There's a lot of families in our community that are living a lot worse off than how I'm living here for just a few days," Gunner said. "So, small price to pay to raise awareness and to raise some food for the food banks that do provide assistance to the families in our community."

All donations will go to area food banks. Grumpy's donated the outdoor gear.

Gunner Jackson will be camped out until Sunday afternoon.