Yakima County Sheriff's Office honors 2016 Employees of the Year

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. -- The Yakima County Sheriff’s Office its valued employees and volunteers get the proper recognition.

Ten people were recognized as Employees of the Year for 2016, including Deputy of the Year and two nominees for the title.

Awards also went to Dispatcher of the Year; Search and Rescue Volunteer of the Year; Blockwatch Volunteer of the Year, among others. Each honoree received framed certificates from the sheriff’s office.

The group included:

Leo Hull, Deputy of the Year

Justin Swale, Deputy of the Year nominee

Kevin Beehler, Deputy of the Year nominee

Sgt. Mike Daniels, Reserve Deputy of the Year

Sgt. Joel Clifford, Security Officer of the Year

Amanda Trickey-Morris, Evidence Technician of the Year

Maria Hernandez, Office Specialist of the Year

Dr. Bill Hatch, Search and Rescue Volunteer of the Year

Pam Wickersham, Blockwatch Volunteer of the Year

Matt Sharp, Dispatcher of the Year

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